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There are several albums here, please scroll down.....

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13 year old Jeff Gordon at Little Springfield, IL

Kenny Schrader

Wallace Family at Tri-City Speedway

Thanks to SMASH and that HUGE collection of pictures he has!!!

1977 Macon Speedway Lisa Corry with her Dad Ron Corry. He drove a red Camaro #3

photo by Gene Sowers

Hi there. You have a very nice website. I was looking at your pics and thought you would like some of these of the local sprint car drivers from around here back in the day. I'm a huge sprint car fan and I still miss Shaheens Speedway! I maybe only 35 and was 13 when it closed but I remember those days like yesterday. Have any pictures of John Powell who ran the Sportmans class? The yellow car with the red #42 and the rebel flag on the roof? My Dad helped John for years. John was never a crowd favorite LOL but he is a very close family friend. Enjoy the pics.
Don Lookis

Dick Taylor's 1982 hauler

mini-stocker Andy Clark 1983

mini stocker Dan Mahnke 1983

late model Jim Leka 1983

1994 Dick Taylor's stacker trailer

1994 Randy Mahring modified

1999 Shannon Babb double cars....Gene Sowers Photo

Jimmy Harter in Jenkins cars.... mini stocker and late model

Found this on a "dirt car racing" search. It is #1 Ernie Derr and fellow Keokuk, Iowa driver Hutchersons(#29) cars

Thanks to DirtDawg for sending this shot

I have gone brain dead....I forgot who this was....it was Gene Jackson....thanks Jim Quinn and thanks DirtDawg

Thanks to DirtDawg for sending this shot

This album is from Steve Siminski........more added 01-16-08
These three attached photos are of a friend of mine, Larry Day from Star City, Indiana.  Larry won several championships and many, many races at Rensselaer Raceway and Henry's Speedway (now Kamp Speedway) in the 60's and 70's. 

This album is from Surfenzurf....pics of Bill Davis, Sr.

Thanks to Scattergood/Christie photos, and to DirtDawg for sending these my way

Ed Bauman

Dick Taylor

Jack Booth

Jim Moughan

Jim Agans

Corky Krause

Joe Ross Sr

Roger Drake

Dan Geist

Jim Leka

Jungle Jim Davison

Ed Bauman

Rick Standridge

Jimmy Moughan

Herschel Jenkins

Mike Tobin

Vern Goulden

Herschel Jenkins

And a few more, thanks to photographers Gene Sowers, Kenneth Cunningham and Bob Appleget and some unknowns.....

1972 Joe Taylor Macon Gene Sowers Photo

1982 Butch Andrae Farmer City photog unknown

1982 Joe Williams Farmer City Gene Sowers Photo

1982 Tommy Spanglo Farmer City Gene Sowers Photo

1996 Tim Hitt Cherokee NC photo by Kenneth Cunningham

2000 Bristol Dirt photo by Bob Appleget

1960 Carl Stewart at home

1973 Red Griffin Gene Sowers Photo courtesy of Tracy Feger

The pics below are from my personal collection

1982 Dick Taylor Macon Gene Sowers Photo

Bryan Dunaway Gene Sowers Photo

Elvin Burton

Elvin Burton Farmer City

Joe Taylor Farmer City Gene Sowers Photo

Joe Taylor Macon Gene Sowers Photo

John Yearsley Farmer City Gene Sowers Photo

Kenny Schrader Macon

Roger Long and Gary May the Tampico Twins Photo by Racenut

1972 Pickles Standerfer Macon Gene Sowers Photo

Rick Aukland Spoon River Speedway Photo by Racenut

1972 Roger Drake Farmer City Photo by Gene Sowers

1970 Webb Spain Farmer City Photo by Gene Sowers